Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Driveway cleaned!

It is looking great! The guy came out to do the high pressure cleaning this morning and washed away that horrid green cement topping. We were able to take a few progress photos as he went along and have been relieved to find a nice looking driveway underneath.

And of course the end result of the clean:

Tomorrow they will be out again to do the cutting, and then it's just the sealer on top and we have ourselves a finished driveway. There's not really much more to it and I believe it already looks like how the finished product is going to anyway so I'm very pleased with our colour choice. Next up, what on earth to do with the left over garden area?? Hmmmmm...

Monday, 28 April 2014

Driveway Poured

Well, it's the Monday off of the Anzac day weekend and sure enough, early this morning the crew were all here getting ready to pour the driveway.  I had to head off to work but have been eager to get home all day to see what it looks like:


What do you all think?  I love the colour... So pleased we went with that off green yucky disgusting look. Haha, only kidding.  The concrete hasn't set yet and they will be coming back to high pressure clean to expose the Aggregate. I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished design.  After that, I think we'll start looking at the front garden and landscaping.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Crossover and Prep Work

It's starting to take shape. I'm really pleased with the look of it.  The Crossover has been poured and the Prep Work has mostly been completed as of yesterday. The rest of the driveway will only be poured after the Anzac Weekend but at least it's a lot less muddier then it has been.  especially if it rains between now and then.


I was going to post the colour of the driveway now to show you all but thought I'd hold off and just show you the finished product.  Will post again once it's all poured.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Driveway Started

I've been getting quotes for a few things over the last few weeks.  We need Blinds for our house, a driveway installed and I want a cleaner to come in and do a professional clean (after moving all our junk in with the collection of a thousand years worth of dust).

I got my final quote for the driveway on Friday last week. It usually takes up to 6 weeks to get the driveway done but as ours was a fairly large job, and the quotes I received were all very similar, I told the concreter it came down to how soon they could do the prep work, as when it rains there is nothing but mud everywhere.

A few days later, they started the prep work! The pouring will be done after the Anzac weekend but at least from today onward we will have gravel to walk on rather then mud.

We are installing a second concrete crossover and then putting in a horseshoe driveway and extending part way up the side of the garage in Exposed Aggregate. They were here yesterday doing a heap of excavation and prepping the crossover.

And then they were back here early this morning to finalise the crossover for the counsel inspection today:

Thankfully all was passed by the inspector and they will be pouring the crossover this afternoon, and hopefully finalising the prep work for the rest of the driveway.  I'll be sure to take more photo's once the day is over.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Letter Box Installed.

One of the first things I wanted to do was install a letterbox.  After all it is nice to receive mail from time to time.

I wanted something a little bit fancy but not over the top.  There's not many places I know of that has a large selection of letter box's on offer. I mean, there probably is but I have no idea where.  I found a couple of online sites but the issue with them is that I couldn't physically see the letter box, which was something I wanted to do.

I wasn't really sure what I was going to choose but in the end when i spotted this one on one of my visits to a hardware store, I liked it so I went for it:

I liked the look of a glass Number from another Letter Box somewhere in the estate so when I spotted them, I thought I'd pick one up for ours too.

Thankfully it wasn't very hard to install either.  With a little help from the Father in-Law and some Quick Setting Concrete, we were able to get it installed in under an hour.

I think it turned out pretty good in the end.  I'm happy with it and so is the wife and that's all that matters really.  Next up is the Driveway and landscaping to perfect the front yard. With the amount it's going to cost, I don't think I'll be doing much else this year!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

We are in!

I know I've been a bit slack lately and haven't updated the blog.  I've been too happy walking aimlessly around our new home! Yay!

So anyway, We officially got hand over on the 27th March!  Yep, a few weeks already. I almost forgot completely about the blog during this time but I'm back now and should continue with updates on our next steps as we move forward.

Handover went brilliantly. On the day, our Site Supervisor took us through and showed us how everything had been fixed up.  I was very happy with it all as they even fixed up other little issues I didn't notice in the first place.  That took about 2 hours before our SS presented us with our very own keys!!! It was also a nice surprise as he gave us our very first House warming Gift too!

Since then We've just been casually moving in.  Taking it easy as there is no rush.

Once we have moved most of our stuff in I'll take a few photo's.  The place is really empty at the moment as we sold most of our things. Will be buying new everything over time so it's gonna be bare like this for a while I think.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Quick update.

It seems so long since I've posted anything.  It hasn't really been that long but as per a previous comment, I thought I better provide an update.

We had our first inspection Friday last week. We went through the entire house room by room and pointed out any issues we spotted. Let me firstly say, there were no major issues anywhere in the house.  The overall quality was fantastic.

That being said, I think our house caught chicken pox by the time we had finished.  Our site supervisor had a roll of red dot stickers and stuck one, or two, or sometimes three on anything we pointed out.

The main things were scratches on a few walls or minor blotches in the paint. They also had to fill in the render where a small piece had chipped off - I think this was due to getting banged by a ladder. Like I said, nothing major. After that, they sent us the COO certificate and final invoice which we sent to the bank.

Now we are waiting for the bank to do their inspection and then hand us the bank check for our final inspection.  We figured we would be delayed mostly by the bank (Which is normal as they need to organise their inspection too) so we still are yet to find out when we can get the keys.  The good news is our Site Supervisor called today and let me know the inspector had contacted him and booked the inspection for tomorrow.  Once that is done, it's just a matter of days for the banks to Draw up the bank cheque and then the house is ours... Well the banks really until we pay out the loan.

In the meantime, I organised our NBN to be installed. They had sent me an SMS earlier in the week and organised the install of the equipment, which is also being installed tomorrow. That's one thing that I wont need to organise once we get our handover. It's all so close now.